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How Does Your Garden Grow

How Does Your Garden Grow

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Little Munchkins Playdough



How does your garden grow? Our Garden Fun Pack features a Ladybug, Rose, Cardinal, Blue Butterfly, Green Frog, Bumblebee, Snake, and Ant. From low to the ground to high in the sky, this garden is alive with color and movement.


  • History: Despite the occasional pest, much of the wildlife we see in and around gardens is beneficial. Ladybugs, for example, are voracious consumers of aphids, tiny bugs that chew on leaves. Butterflies are pollinators, helping plants set their flowers and fruit by transferring pollen as they feed. Frogs also do their share against pests, eating slugs and mosquitoes that can attack garden plants or make the gardener‚Äôs life difficult. Bumblebees, of course, are the best-known pollinators, responsible for perhaps 70% of all pollination that occurs as they collect nectar and pollen from flowers.
  • Characteristics: The realistic figures in our Garden Fun Pack are so often associated with gardens and spring . Use them as decorations or favors at a garden party or spring-themed wedding or baby shower, or use them as teaching tools in a unit about seasons or interrelated life.
  • Size: The pack itself is 4 inches square, while the figures are grape-sized (about an inch in length each).
  • The Garden Fun Pack is part of the Good Luck Minis¬Æ Fun Packs collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
  • 8 Pieces Per Bag. Contents Cannot Be Purchased Individually.

  • ¬†

    Relax and unwind with our in the wild dough with 8 piece safari Ltd good luck minis sat on a double colour of dough - chocolate and freshly cut grass green with an added pink playdough flower  (280) large pot.  

    Our deliciously scented, long lasting and luxuriously soft playdough is made with little hands in mind. It provides a wonderful creative, tactile and sensory learning experience whilst developing fine motor skills. Your children will love squeezing, poking, pinching, squashing and patting it. 

    Little Munchkins Playdough is made from completely non-toxic, food grade ingredients. Whilst all are safely ingestible on their own, the playdough has a very high salt content, so it is not recommended to be eaten.

    Playdough should be stored in the air tight jar provided and in a cool dark place. Whilst we work hard to produce consistent colours with what you see, there could be slight colour variations due to monitor and phone colours as well as the postage environment . Remember your dough likes to be handled regularly.

    Salt crystals - If your dough is left unused salt crystals may appear on top. This is perfectly normal, the dough is fine . Play with it and the salt crystals will disappear back in to the dough. Some sets contain loose parts which could be a choking hazard. Be vigilant.

    Recommended for children 3+ years. Adult supervision required. Playdough and kit should not be left unattended or stored in a place children have access to, Kits contain small parts which could be a choking hazard. Little Munchkins is not responsible for any injury associated with the use of this product. Some items contain colourings, essence and dyes that could be harmful if used inappropriately or ingested. Playdough to be discarded after 6 months if stored in an airtight container. 

    ALLERGEN INFO: Contains WHEAT , Salt , Food Colouring / Plant Dye, Cream of tartar, Vegetable oil, Essential oil. Does not contain... Nuts, dairy, eggs or soy, but is handmade in a facility that contains those items so even though the utmost care is taken to produce playdough in a clean environment, cross contamination could occur. Essential oil used – Please see bottom of container.

    The How Does Your Garden Grow is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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